DSC05136“We have a problem. Because what is good for the food industry is bad for us. And what is good for us is bad for the food industry. There’s no middle ground. It’s a war. And we didn’t even know we were fighting.”

— Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at a special event hosted by the County Office of Education on March 24, 2011.

Why is there an obesity epidemic all around the world? Because our bodies cannot metabolize the amount of sugar we are eating. And it is in nearly ALL processed foods. Watch: Sugar, the Bitter Truth.

Fascinating. Not just that we as a people are literally addicted to sugar, but that this addiction is a public health crisis. The US government subsidizes cheap sugar-filled foods, and we pay ever increasing health insurance premiums, while the food industry gets rich.

Robert Lustig doesn’t think that individuals can change their diet to remove sugar without government intervention! As I said, fascinating. I disagree — People can totally remove sugar. Yes, it takes a lot more time to make all your own food, but there are so many benefits.

He says kids are especially targetted by the food industry, so stop them from marketing and selling sugar to kids. “We could do that tomorrow if we had the gumption.” We need to “remove fructose from the FDA’s GRAS list (Generally Regarded as Safe) because as long as it is on the GRAS list the food industry can put any amount into any food they want at any time and we have nothing to say about it. Now is that ok?” And finally, end the corn subsidy!

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