DSC03621I thought meat was making me sick, but then discovered the problem was what was in the meat: hormones, pesticides and antiobiotics. I learned to be very careful about where I source my meat. I only eat cows that only eat grass. I only eat chickens that run around on grass — look for the word “pastured” as “free-range” just means they get access to the outdoors occasionally.

Here’s a good explanation of grass fed vs. grass finished vs. grain finished vs. grain fed beef. Short take: When cows are not raised on pure pasture, they are usually subjected to antibiotics, growth hormones, gentically modified (GMO) feed, as well as other unhealthy food (often laden with pesticides). 100% grass fed has 400x the CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) of other beef, which decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and fat! 100% grass fed beef also has much higher omega 3s (anti-inflammatory) and more vitamins (especially B, E and K) as well as trace minerals.

Here’s a fascinating theory that I have not yet adequately researched: Is Pellagra (Niacin Deficiency) a root cause of mass shootings?

Here’s an interesting controversy. Cook Your Meat Like Our Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors says don’t cook your meat at hot temperatures, or it is cancerous. And yet — didn’t our ancestors have fire, and cook on spits or in stews (once they figured out how to make pots)? And doesn’t the maillard reaction occur at 100 degrees C, so ANY boiling stew will cause it too? So…maybe this paleocookbook is completely wrong in this. Hmmm.

And here’s a nifty idea from permaculturist Paul Wheaton: Eliminate the cost of chicken feed.

And on the really disturbing end of the spectrum, check out this piece by Mother Jones about how the USDA doesn’t inspect most imported (and very unhealthy) seafood.

Oh, and do you like Bacon??? We do.

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