About Us

RainSong Village is a gathering of people who live in various homes and or near Duvall, Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains about 45 minutes east of Seattle.

We meet in person throughout the seasons to celebrate connection, share our gifts and belong to a supportive community.   Events are hosted by villagers throughout the year.  Everyone must host or help host one event each season.  We prioritize time together — working, playing, learning, eating, being — to grow individually and collectively.

Our values include:

  • Honor all beings and things
  • Listen with an open heart
  • Speak from your heart
  • Practice compassion
  • Be in service
  • Operate as much as possible in a Gift Economy
  • Healthy food is important and comes in different forms for different people
  • Honor our elders and people of all ages and forms

We draw on many teachings offered by, among others:

  • Charles Eisenstein
  • Daniel Quinn
  • Bill Plotkin
  • Jon Young / 8 Shields
  • Parker Palmer
  • Francis Weller
  • Malidoma Somé
  • Tom Brown & Stalking Wolf
  • Mark Elbroch
  • Paul Rezendes


Everyone has different health issues and different food choices appropriate for their bodies and their lives. We have enthusiastic meat eaters (including hunters and farmers), vegetarians, and vegans, competent cooks, timid cooks and folks who pretty much never ever cook. All are welcome, with this one caveat: whenever you share food, please label or make known not only any items with meat or dairy or nuts, but also any food is that is NOT organic/biodynamic, any foods that may contain pesticides or hormones or GMOs.  Otherwise we will assume all foods shared are grown with healthy (organic/biodynamic/pesticide-free) practices that nurture the soil, the land, the animals, the farmers and the eaters.

As you can see from the menu on this website, many of us prefer traditional foods, with lots of raw milk, kefir, kompucha, kimchee, organ meats and bone-broth soup. If you are not familiar with this diet, lots of fascinating information can be found at the Weston A. Price Foundation website.


We are a community of people of all ages, with children of all ages. Children are integral to our village, and, like all villagers, are required to host or help host a gathering every season. For the very young, this may mean just being present and gracing the rest of us with their presence.

We have a strong belief in the importance of nature in our lives, especially our children’s lives. Our kids may often be found barefoot in the mud, climbing trees, shooting bows that they carved, or eating wild food gathered and cooked over a small fire. Some of our children attend regular school, some are homeschooled, and some are unschooled, following their passions. All are witnessed and held by our larger community.


Our elders are critical in providing our village with a wider, deeper scope of experience and wisdom. We welcome their presence and honor their contributions. We are all elders in training.


We have many musicians among us, and even more people who love music and making music but are not at this stage “musicians.” We encourage everyone to play with music, to pitch in as they like, and magic can happen (albeit not all the time).


Communication, Non-Violent Communication (a la Marshall Rosenberg), honest open talking and listening are all valued and practiced. That doesn’t mean we never judge or make assumptions, but we try not to. We are all learning and practicing, supporting each other and ourselves in our journeys.

We welcome visitors and new members. Please email us if you’d like to come meet us!

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