So many things we take for granted, until we suddenly think about them and realize that we shouldn’t!


Diapers! Did you know diapers are a RECENT thing, even cloth diapers? And babies have to be trained to use them? If allowed to go diaper-free, they will pee and poop when and where you want them to NEARLY all the time! Certainly there are less messes than when you’re trying to potty train a diaper trained child! And hey — no dirty diapers!

Want another example? Shampoo! Ever tried going shampoo free? It probably helps to have a good diet, and this may not work for everyone, but many find that shampoo or any cleaner is totally unnecessary, and their hair and heads feel cleaner without it!

How about birth control? Why do mostly men scientists and male run companies mostly come up with birth control for women? Why is it so hard POLITICALLY to get this new, cheap, safe method into widespread use? The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men and The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men

How about scientific testing? Can you trust it? Not so much! The drugs don’t work: a modern medical scandal

There are SO many more examples. I’ll collect them in this section, and allow you, too, to question your assumptions!

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