Giving Thanks Supper and Storytelling

coyoteparteeOn Thanksgiving Friday, the day after the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, Rainsong is holding a Giving Thanks Supper and Storytelling.

People are invited to bring a story to tell and a favorite dish (it does *not* need to be anything on a normal Thanksgiving menu) to share. The common theme or inspiration for the stories will be Giving Thanks. What you are thankful for? How you realized this? What happened to help you to this realization? How do you show your gratitude?

Starting at 4pm, we will gather, eat, sing and tell stories until the wee hours, and sleeping over is encouraged! Children are also very welcome!

Please comment on this page to send us a private email to join our planning Acorn, RSVP or make other inquiries. (Comments are NOT published.)

This event is open to friends of Rainsong, and friends of friends.

We are so grateful for your presence in our lives!

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