Summer Aids

DSC05234We haven’t tried these yet, but they seem like a good place to start:

Homemade, DEET free mosquito repellent recipes:

I always recommend taking astaxanthin to prevent sunburn, but here are some homemade sunscreen recipes:

Eating Meat

What happened when a confirmed vegan switched to a meat full diet? Read: Eat Meat & Fat!

I would just add that it is CRITICAL where you get your meat. Factory-farmed, pesticide-laden, hormone-injected meat, which is nearly the ONLY thing you’ll find in any restaurant, and what you get when you don’t go way out of your way to find good meat, shouldn’t even be called meat. It can cause immediate illness in sensitive people, for good reason. Those who notice no immediate reaction may well have longer term ill effects.


DSC05228.jpgHow many dermatologists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Oops, I mean how many dermatologists think diet has nothing to do with eczema, and that the proper treatment for eczema is steroids? The two I asked thought this. But their treatment did not cure my skin problems. Diet, as discussed on this site, did.

More reading:

Nutrition for Skin Health


DSC03520Dentists. Boy. There is so much unhelpful (to say nothing of painful and expensive) dentistry out there when the healthiest options are 1) diet (see Weston A. Price) and 2) simple (nearly free) habits, like brushing with baking soda.

There are some fundamental things to understand: cavities and cracks and receding gums can all be fixed with DIET, not dentistry.

Here’s some articles to read:

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