Grateful for Winter

DSC02239After an incredibly busy summer and fall where it seemed impossible to sit inside like ever, we are grateful for winter, a cozy hearth, and quiet time, both alone and with others.

We are using this time to gather the threads of our village and weave them into a tighter whole. Weekly and monthly potlucks are already happening. Songlucks and Gift Circles may come soon. Work parties, book discussions, musical jam sessions and all sorts of other gatherings are increasingly likely too. Interested? Write a comment, below and we will not post your comment but email you back directly.

Games, Music, Crafts & Potluck

kugelWould you like to work on some crafts, play music and games (including RainSong Pingpong), and share stories and food? Come join us Saturday afternoon/evenings!

Note: we meet *almost* every Saturday, but to be sure, please comment below to confirm and RSVP. Comments are NOT generally posted on this page, but we’ll receive and reply to your email.

We look forward to spending a lovely evening with you!

Giving Thanks Supper and Storytelling

coyoteparteeOn Thanksgiving Friday, the day after the traditional Thanksgiving holiday, Rainsong is holding a Giving Thanks Supper and Storytelling.

People are invited to bring a story to tell and a favorite dish (it does *not* need to be anything on a normal Thanksgiving menu) to share. The common theme or inspiration for the stories will be Giving Thanks. What you are thankful for? How you realized this? What happened to help you to this realization? How do you show your gratitude?

Starting at 4pm, we will gather, eat, sing and tell stories until the wee hours, and sleeping over is encouraged! Children are also very welcome!

Please comment on this page to send us a private email to join our planning Acorn, RSVP or make other inquiries. (Comments are NOT published.)

This event is open to friends of Rainsong, and friends of friends.

We are so grateful for your presence in our lives!

Coyote Saturdays

Rainsong is very pleased to invite our greater community to join us for a number of events.


Coyote Saturdays

Offered almost every Saturday. Please check to confirm each gathering.

Our next planned gathering will be October 12th!

Attendance is by invitation — If you have met us, or know someone who has, you are welcome to come as often as you like, for whichever parts of the day you prefer.

Please visit our Coyote Saturday page for timing and menu and childcare details.

Seeking new members!

Do you love being out in the woods? Do you love to garden? Do you love children? Do you love to cook and eat healthy food? Do you know about Transition Towns? Do you cook with Nourishing Traditions and tradition foods? Do you like (or want to try) making kefir, kompucha and kimchee? Have you tried Non Violent Communication? Do you listen to your heart and take time to play? Are you looking for a place to live in community?

If you anwered yes — or even wanted to answer yes — to several of these questions, we invite you to consider living with us!

We have a shared home with a garden in the woods on a salmon-bearing creek. We invite community to gather here often, to share food and stories and create a village.

We have no tv, and do not want one, though we occasionally watch movies on DVD. Private rooms are available. We share wireless internet, bathrooms, living areas, the kitchen and our wonderful outdoors!  Note: the salmon video was filmed at RainSong, but the goat one was not — we are working towards being able to have goats, and they visit here from time to time.

While we look forward to the time when we will not require rent, that time is not yet here. We require rent compatible with one room rentals in the area. Please COMMENT on this post to contact us  if you are interested! (Comments will not actually be posted live; they will just be received by us and we will email you back.)